J67 Chair


Ejvind A. Johansson’s dining room chair J67 was created back in 1957 and developed into one of the FDB furniture that survived the contemporary fashion shows – and as it is today sought after by collectors of Danish furniture classics. The molded back, beautifully perforated by two horizontal lines, is distinctive in the chair and gives it a lightness while at the same time appearing full-bodied. Fits most dining tables or as a freestanding chair in the modern Scandinavian home. When the chair was relaunched in 2013, the only change was that the proportions were slightly adjusted, as the Danes are on average a little higher today.


Measurements: 18.11″ W x 20.08″ D x 30.5″ H

Lead time for production: 6-8 Weeks

Shipping Time: 4 Weeks (approximately)