J161 PoSpiSto Chair


The idea behind the chair is that we have to stay a little longer. We simply need to take our time at the dinner table and get along. It requires a good dining chair – and that’s PoSpiSto.

The upholstered dining
chair PoSpiSto is soft in several ways. It is soft to sit in. And it is soft visually. The soft surfaces and the rounded shapes together create a beautiful and comfortable dining table chair.

The attentive reader has probably noticed that the name PoSpiSto is an abbreviation of padded dining chair.

A Shot on the Tribe
PoSpiSto was originally created for the design competition Shots On the Tribe in 2016. It was subsequently selected and put into production by FDB Møbler.


Measurements: 20.87″ W x 22.83″ D x 33.07″ H

Lead time for production: 6-8 Weeks

Shipping Time: 4 Weeks (approximately)