Restoration & Upholstery
Looking to bring something back to life? We've got you covered with our expert woodshop team and upholsterer. Pricing depends on the current condition of the piece and will be evaluated by our team through a thorough inspection.

Sanding, Sanding, Sanding

Our restoration process starts with the complete removal of the old finish in order to see the true color and damage that we're working with.  We either use a stripper or sanding pads to get the job done.

Detailed Repairs

We specialize in looking into every detail to ensure the piece is brought back to its former glory.  Edson is doing a repair on a Rosewood Eames Lounger that completely snapped in half due to its shock pads being worn out over the years.

Don't need any restoration? From our retail store to the warehouse sale, we have plenty to choose from.