Danish Chord
Danish paper cord is an extremely strong three ply fiber material. Weaving usually incorporates wrapping, basket weave patterns, and rush style weaving. Each one of these techniques is specialized and time consuming. Each technique has technical variations and not all patterns can be used on any chair. You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of our highly skilled weavers.
Rush Style Weaving
This weaving technique wraps the cord with a pattern that meets in the middle of the seat. Often this type of seating has extensive slots that the cord has to get fed through. This makes this particular technique more time consuming, but worth the extra effort.
Danish Peel Caning
The material for Canning originates from the rattan vine. The bark is removed from the plant into uniform bands or strips. When Canning is new, it is a golden blonde color.  as the cane ages and oxidizes, it gets a Golden honey color and patina unique to the piece. Danish peel caning goes through a very complicated attachment technique.