To help others live a life of slowed intention and purpose trough the lens of functional art.

How It Began

Jason and Kelsey are the husband and wife team behind Cream City Restoration. They have a passion for all things design, vintage, mid-century, and local! Cream City Restoration does not only a design or furniture focused business but more of a creative concept that allows both of us to chase passions and be more creative within the context of a single space. Kelsey grew up in a home filled with antiquing adventures. Jason grew up loving interior design and always planned to go to school for it, but never got around to it. After getting married in 2011, Jason slowly started growing an interest in vintage pieces and the thrill of the hunt. Together they have created a vision of combining vintage, mid-century, Scandinavian, modern, custom furniture, Scandinavian home goods, along with restoration, upholstery, and freight services. Jason and Kelsey are passionate about bringing the vintage items back to their original glory and allowing for them to be enjoyed for another lifetime.  Through the shop, they were able to create an environment of art, design, and other creative outlets that they both enjoyed while being able to present them to others.

What We're All About

We believe that your space should be filling and inspirational.  We know when we get heirloom furniture at our home that we love that it not only elevates our space but also gives us fulfillment and a greater appreciation of our space. By committing to quality built modern and vintage furnishings, we make a pact to be better for our surroundings, better for our planet, and better for our children and grandchildren of tomorrow.  We save waste from our landfills by not having to buy new furniture every three to five years. We are able to live fuller lives as we have the time and resources to live in our space, instead of working to fill them.

Because of the infrastructure in the visions that we took more than a decade to build and design, you can rest assured that when you purchase a piece from us, you are in good hands.  Whether it's picking overseas, restoration, sales, or delivery, we do it all. Our entire team is extremely talented and loves what they do. This shows through dedication to details and their work throughout the entire process.  Through our many outlets, we hope to offer you the opportunity to furnish your home with pieces you love!

Meet the Team!